Saturday, 6 March 202

Waking up and having zero plans means there is no purspose for waking up. I jumped on my bike, tried to take my dog for a walk but none of those things happened because there was no plan. When you don’t have plan, everything that is a distraction will very quickly start looking like a plan. The problem is that, normally you haven’t prepared and therefore your plan dissolves very quickly. Soon you find yourself aimlessly doing nothing and feeling empty. Having a WHY Will help you write down the plan and then put into motion, your preparation for the plan.

these past few weeks I’ve been asking myself what the WHY behind what we do is. When being asked this question, I normally I’m true salesman style bring out what needs to be heard and very easily brush off the question until it shows it’s ugly facing again because the audio and visual aren’t aligned.

This morning the question came up and without the salesman bullshit I answered the question. Why do you do what you do? “because I want to create cool shit” in creating cool things I get inspire and give opportunities to those looking to break free.

Not having purpose steals and takes over your life. It is discreet and allows you to think you are in control but it’s just navigating your ship to a destination that isn’t yours.

I hope by reading this I have helped clarify what is needed in your own journey.

the secret is, start with your why…