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Thank You !

Imagine you have headphones on, listening to 90’s hip hop, feeling the music and just so deeply engrained in the moment that everything else doesn’t even matter. You dancing and feeling the flow of Tupac having a go at bad boy records……and boom you look up and there is somebody standing in the doorway.

you feel, blindsided right? well that’s what happened to us in 2020. It shook us right up and quite frankly, it changed us.

Having to turn solely to digital sales after being a face to face type business, we just didn’t know how it was going to turn out. Our food arm of the buisness came to a complete halt and we were left to leverage the apparel part of the buisness to keep afloat.

Sales started slowly. It was a change for both us and our consumers but our people, [YOU, the person reading this] moved over to this digital world we now are at and supported us. For this we are so grateful, not only because we could support our staff but it also meant that we have loyal people that are willing to go to war with us. That my friends, is something that I am super honoured to have, friends that are now family.

So although we have had to start from the beginning again, we have grown. To the growth, trust and love I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll leave you with a short story about a Japanese billionaire on the secret to his success :

A Japanese billionaire once said that the secret to his success was saying thank you. He said thank you every time he got paid for a job and said thank you every time he made a payment. He blessed the money coming in as it allowed his buisness to grow, he blessed the money going out because another buisness was receiving money and their buisness was growing.

“blessings in, blessings out”

Together we grow familia,